How to create a safe space: Community Guidelines

How consent, respect and compassion are translated into the virtual space of to create a safe space for everyone.
Here is a combination of general community guidelines, forum, photo and chat guidelines.

The 5 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

“By practising the Five Agreements, what you are really doing is respecting everything in creation. You are respecting your dream; you are respecting everybody else’s dream. If you use these tools, your effort is really for everyone, because your joy, your happiness, your peace, and your heaven are contagious. When you are happy, the people around you are happy too, and it inspires them to change their own world.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

Be curious, open and kind.

If you find a post or comment to be offensive, off-topic, overly generalising, aggressive, dehumanising or inappropriate in another way, please report it immediately. Our team will look into it and delete or alter posts to meet the standards of civil behaviour.
On the other hand, it's common to write or say things and mean well, yet it turns out offensive to someone else. Mistakes are ok, and there are at least two sides to a story. It doesn't have to hurt, especially if we know we meant well.
Please, try taking it as a learning opportunity, maybe even apologise and move on. Let's all keep an open mind and open heart and meet every situation with kindness, patience and compassion.
Thank you!

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