About the Chat

How do I create my own chat room; invite and block people; use the video chat and much more!
Check our Community Guidelines here

Who are the Chat Ops and Admins?

The Chat Ops and Admins can be recognised by the symbols in front of their usernames. They're permanent happiness.com employees or volunteers who watch over the chat rooms and make sure happiness.com's values and community policies are lived there.
They can warn or remove members from chats and ensure the chat is a safe space for all members where respectful, controversial and emotional issues are addressable.
If you have further questions about the chat or the Community Guidelines, you can contact chat operations directly. For other questions, please contact our support.

How do I send private messages?

To the right of a member's username and photo, click on the three-icon green dot and choose 'further actions' from the list.
From here, you can send a private message or arrange a video call. You can also block a member from here should you need to.
TIP: With an @ before the username, you can whisper to other members without the rest of the chat room seeing your messages.

What can I do if someone is disruptive?

First, address the member calmly and in a friendly manner, reminding them of the happiness.com Community Guidelines. The chat is meant as a safe space where everyone is accepted and heard, but civilly and respectfully at all times, even when you're angry and frustrated.
If the behaviour persists, or there's already a severe instance of insult/harassment, or you feel uncomfortable intervening, that's OK. Please report the inappropriate or disruptive behaviour to a Chat Op or Chat Admin. You can do so anonymously by hovering your mouse over their chat message and clicking on the triangle that appears next to it.
By reporting a member, the Support Team will receive a complete history of the chat and will look into it for you.

Please remember: The only time we can no longer be tolerant is when it comes to intolerance!

Why can't I log into the chat?

It might take a few moments for the chat to load. However, if you keep getting a message telling you ‘the connection is being established,’ try the following:

  1. Click on the "page reload" button at the bottom of the window.
  2. Check that your firewall isn’t blocking the connection.
  3. Wait a while to see if the server is simply overloaded.

Why was I kicked out of the chat?

If you were kicked out of the chat and banned, it's most likely for the following reasons:

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