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Without our humanity, we have no future. Our strength lies in our humanity.
The Happy app community helps to harness this strength and make it more accessible to everyone.
Humanity connects - the Happy app supports.

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Join a conscious global community.

The Happy app community unifies people at eye level. It's for those eager to grow, master their crises within a community setting, and tackle challenges with gratitude and happiness in mind.

Shared interests New perspectives

The Happy app community unifies people at eye level. Those eager to grow, master their crises with the support of a community, and tackle their challenges with happiness and gratitude in mind.

Global community Mutual support

Let's drop our masks and realise we're not alone with our struggles, challenges, sadness and doubts. The Happy app enables us to discover our inner strength and help ourselves experience happiness with a community's support.


How much is a Happy app membership?

Both the membership and the Happy app are and will remain free of charge. We offer a supporter membership for those who want to support us actively.

How does "Happy" make me happier?

The Happy app and offer extensive material from happiness research and offer courses in the happiness Academy, some of which are free. Ultimately, our social contacts, friendships, gratitude, and support in the (Happy) community create real happiness.

What's the difference between the Happy app and the desktop version?

The Happy app's focus is connection and interpersonal exchange, while the desktop version makes courses and learning content more accessible.

Why Happy and

Everyone experiences ups and downs, but how do we master the downs skillfully? Our mission is to facilitate a safe and mutually supportive community where tools, practices, and experiences enable everyone to live happy and fulfilled lives.

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